Greeting Cards….are you for real?

Not so long ago on the subway, I glanced at the advertisements lined up near the top of the car.  A group of adolescents were gathered into a room too small for their number; below them it captioned: The original face-time.  This poster marinated inside me for a while…months.  The poster was bemoaning the fact that we are becoming a faceless and disconnected world.  If instant message addicts have not heard that 83% of our communication is body language and 13% words, then we are bound for a lot of mutual misunderstanding.

Enter greeting cards.  Sure it takes time, effort, and thought to choose a card that says just what you want it to say—that’s the point.  When we care, then we take the time, effort and thought to show someone we care.  Face it—say it in a way that can be kept, read again and again and each reading is another ‘visit.’

Cards are displayed in the website with a variety of messages.  They are meant to help the receiver feel loved and really cared for.  Take a peek and stock up!

Christmas Cards                         Friendship Cards                     Jubilee Cards       

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