Sculptural Philosophy

In Christian Theology, Jesus is the Incarnate God. In Jesus, as the Gospel Traditions demonstrate to us,the Divine and Human are united in the most intimate embrace, each nature reflecting the other. Thus to best experience God, we look to Jesus, the Word made Flesh.

I see sculpture to be an expression of this unity. Sculpture invites us and aids us in experiencing God in the ordinary, painful, joyful and in the sublime moments of our lives.

Sculpture calls us, invites us, and powerfully draws us beyond ourselves, or perhaps more accurately, grounds us in the seminal believe of who we are as images of the Divine.

I strive to listen, see, feel and flesh out a Theology that allows all of us to touch with our hands, see with our eyes and recognize in our hearts what we have known all along:

God is made flesh and dwells among us.